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"I am so pleased with the service I received. I would especially like to thank the engineers who were quick and efficient and most importantly left no mess!"
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Fire Stopping

Enfield are qualified to install fire stopping products within buildings where its fire rated areas are being penetrated by mechanical, electrical or hydraulic services. We tailor our fire stopping solutions to suit the needs of the building because no single solutions can protect all types of services.

How does it work?

Fire stopping systems ensure that cables, pipes or voids that they pass through don't provide a weak link and let fire spread through them by sealing openings and joints.

The different materials used to make pipes and wiring all react differently to fire so it is important that each fire stopping method will work specifically for the materials used in your building. Fire stopping products are designed to prevent the spread of fire so the building's occupants can escape safely.

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Fire Proofing Devon

"Fire stopping experts"

With over 30 years working within the fire protection and fir proofing industry, at Enfield we have a clear understanding of the products we supply and install.

We work with globally recognised suppliers to ensure that all our products meet strict UK building regulations and in most cases far exceed the minimum requirements.

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