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"I am extremely happy with Enfield as they exceeded my expectations and ensured my property met UK building regulations."
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Fire Boarding & Cladding

According to UK building regulations, there is a minimum length of time that certain aspects of a building must withstand fire. The level of protection require depends on the type of building and where it is going to be installed.

How does it work?

Fire boarding and cladding works by providing an insulating, fire resistant layer within wall cavities. It is designed to withstand heat and provide a protective layer in order to keep structural steel below its failure temperature. As well as protecting against fire, it also has acoustic and thermal insulating properties.

Fire Boarding and Cladding comes in two different forms:

Fire Protection Company Devon Durable Board Systems Fire proofing Devon Mineral Board Systems
Fire Protection Devon   Devon Fire Protection
Fire Proofing Devon

"Simple fire barrier systems"

Fire barrier systems, such as fire boarding and cladding, are designed to prevent fire and the spread of smoke within wall and roof voids. These products are easy to install and provide a number of benefits.

As well as protecting from fire, fire boarding and cladding also has acoustic and thermal insulating properties.

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