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  Fire Proofing Exeter
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Service Penetrations

Most buildings are full of cables, wires and plumbing. Where these services penetrate fire resisting elements of the building weaknesses are created in its fire protection. It is important that these weaknesses are dealt with.

How does it work?

The solutions to the weakness created by service penetrations is to fill any voids or gaps with intumescent sealants. As every form of wire and cable reacts differently to fire there is no single product which will solve the problem so it is important to consider the following:

Fire Proofing Exeter Where is the penetration? Pipes and wires in a floor will not react the same to fire as pipes and cables in a wall.
Exeter Fire Proofing Will the sealant be subject to vibration and/or thermal expansion?
Fire Proofing Company Exeter The size of the opening and the mechanical strength required. Will it be load bearing?
Fire Proofing Devon

"We work with trusted suppliers"

We have developed relationships with some of the worlds leading suppliers of fire protection products. As a trusted installer, our services are guaranteed to protect your property from fire.

You can rest assured that any products we install will stand the test of time and maintain its performance throughout its life time.

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