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"I cannot fault Enfield Fire Protection , they were fantastic from start to finish! Even down to the person who answered my phone call."
  Fire Proofing Exeter
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Environmental Control

In the UK building regulations state that it is a legal requirement for all commercial buildings to undergo environmental control to ensure they meet health and safety requirements. At Enfield Fire Protection we offer services to meet and even exceed these regulations.

Our Environmental Control Services:
Fire Proofing Exeter
Fire Proof Exeter
Fire Proofing Exeter

Air Tightness

At Enfield Fire Protection we offer many different services so that you can achieve the air leakage target that your property requires.

Unlike other companies we provide all the relevant services to ensure your building is air tight so the cost can be kept to a minimum.


Acoustic Insulation

Enfield Fire Protection can provide and install acoustic insulation solutions for floors and walls helping you to overcome issues with noise.

Acoustic insulation can be used in new walls, partitions and floors as well as being used as an upgrade in existing buildings to provide improved sound insulation.


Specialist Insulation

We offer a specialist insulation service for commercial and industrial establishments.

At Enfield Fire Protection our expert team can plan and design the perfect form of insulation for your building to ensure it works at maximum efficiency.

Fire Proofing Devon

"We will exceed UK regulations"

All our Environmental Control services are designed to comply with requirements and regulations therefore giving you peace of mind that your property is safe and compliant to UK ruling.

We aim to exceed all UK regulations to guarantee customer satisfaction and safety. We believe it is of utmost importance that you are safe, whether at home or in the workplace.

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