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"Enfield were there for me when I needed them the most. They sorted my subsidence issues and I can't thank them enough"
  Fire Proofing Exeter
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Specialist Repairs

Finding a crack in your building is a daunting prospect but no crack should ever be ignored. At Enfield Fire Protection we offer a specialist repair services to restore and maintain the structural integrity of your property. We use complex repair methods to ensure your building is safe and secure.

Our Specialist Repair Services:
Fire Proofing Service Exeter
Exeter Fire Proofing
Fire Proof Service Exeter

Concrete Repair

We use Grout Injection methods to repair concrete as it guarantees to restore damaged or corroded concrete so it remains structurally sound.

Using premium products means that repaired concrete is often stronger and tougher than ever before.


Wall Tie Replacement

There are several different methods of replacing wall ties, our expert engineers will advise on which is best for your application and why.

The job of wall ties is to tie together the outer cavity of brickwork to its structural and load bearing inner masonry skin.



Finding a crack in the wall of your property should never be ignored especially those formed by subsidence.

Underpinning is a solid foundation laid below ground level to support the building and prevent further subsidence.

Fire Proofing Devon

"We will secure your building"

If you have any issues with cracked walls or fear that you might do in the future, get in touch with our team and we can advise you on the best method to solve your problem.

Our experts will ensure that the best method is used for your application to make sure your property is safe.

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